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Bizarre World: Munch's Audi is being tested




That was 2001- Fantasy World: Munch's Audi Bringing the next adventure around Shinzo Abe to become the exclusive title of Xbox. But this time, the cult Green Party gained the support of his friend Munch. This is not the opening of the article, but a flashback and clarification of the story of how long ago, and of course the fun of the Nintendo Switch console.

19 years old, still fresh

Just 19 years later, Shinzo Abe and Munch came back to experience their adventures on the Nintendo Switch console. Some of you will not know Abe at all and wonder why this strange, apparently handicapped green alien was a cult figure at the time. Yes, Abe is actually a cult. At that time, he conceived Oddworld on Playstation 1: Oddysee ’s crazy graphics from Shinzo Abe and the indispensable saying on the game console at the time.

We are allowed to fart, beat and greet our friends. Someone today would rather say: What is wrong with us? But the new version on Nintendo Switch already has a certain charm. Shinzo Abe was a hero of our childhood and did not return to "new", but only as a famous video game hero. You can also call it HD remake-not mentioned in the title. Maybe today's young people will know a new hero.

Shinzo Abe and Munch-Friends of Life

In order to make the whole process more enthusiastic, we also explained some stories Fantasy World: Munch's Audi. Abe and his friend Munch finally want to finish their work. Eliminate all stress and theater. But the annoying slig objected to it, and made sure that the two desired ends were far apart.

In many different levels, you must solve tasks together and carry out slig and its comrades. As I said, this can only be used together and requires a little tactical skill. The advantages of individual characters should always be used. Abe has found more outlets in the countryside, and Munch prefers to use wet water, and then starts acting from there.

Because Munch has excellent infrared brain control capabilities, he can not only swim but also control bombs. Abe controls everything in Japan, and Munch takes to the stage once. The Nintendo Switch version is convincing with excellent graphics, which at that time already looked very good (which was good 19 years ago). But you must use the controller to control the game, because the pure handheld function does not work properly.

This is easy to explain. The two protagonists Abe and Munch each need complex but fascinating control. You can use the analog joystick to move and fight, and use the digital cross to rotate the camera. Everything sounds a bit confusing, but with a little practice, it is not a problem at all. You will soon find yourself in action and control everything. Unfortunately, you must have no German voice output.

Patience is a virtue

The two communicate with each other through certain sentences, so follow the steps. You will either let your partner wait at some point or let him follow you. In some places, this may indeed be tricky, but you must wait patiently. Please think carefully about the next step to avoid despair. Fantasy World: Munch's Audi Unfair positions will not be provided, but it requires your careful consideration. This was the case at that time, as was the Nintendo Switch console.

A full 19 years later, Shinzo Abe and his friend Munch can still inspire us and somehow bring us back to a beautiful past. There was no corona virus at the time, no HD graphics and any next-generation consoles-although you can certainly calculate PS1 (at that time). Let's go back to the graphical version of the game. Beautiful animated landscape on land or underwater. Incredibly, it looked pretty good at the time. The characters in the game are awkward and almost fall into your heart.

Guaranteed laughter

There is nothing to expect from the developer's ideas. Munch prefers to be in the water, he can only move around the country with an old wheelchair. Not only does it look ridiculous, but it also causes some laughter in the game. In addition, you will find other objects that you can interact with to experience surprising new things in the game again and again.

Fantasy World: Munch's Audi It was an Xbox-specific game at the time, which only appeared on PCs in 2010 and appeared as the HD version of Playstation 3 in 2012. Even the GBA title appeared in 2003, but only in 2D. Fantasy World: Munch's Audi It can currently be ordered on the Nintendo eShop for 14.99 euros and 19.99 euros. Be played.


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