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Black Mirror | Season 6 | Start, Trailer, Action, Production




The same goes for Netflix

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We can wait longer than the start of Season 6 of "Black Mirror". Netflix's official confirmation is still awaiting. You can learn about possible continuation from us.

"Black Mirror": The slide about Season 6 is very famous

"Black Mirror: Slideshow" is about season 6 [Source: Channel 4]

"Black Mirror" was originally an internal expert of British TV. Before Netflix acquired the copyright of the series, this caused the world's attention to the pessimistic science fiction series. There are now 5 seasons, which are not expected to end soon. We have summarized all the information about "Black Mirror Sixth Season" for you.

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  4. "Black Mirror": Season 6 Actors

"Black Mirror": Season 6 start date and production

So far, Season 6 of "Black Mirror" has not yet begun. In fact, Season 6 has not been officially confirmed by Netflix, so it is still waiting. However, don't worry too much about the future of Black Mirror. With the help of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch", Netflix has at least achieved great success in the program. The following season 5 will no longer meet with fans, but Netflix should not lose faith in Black Mirror yet.

Since the production volume of "Bandersnatch" forced Charlie Brooke and his team to shorten "Black Mirror" Season 5 from 6 episodes to 3 episodes, it can be assumed that we may see at least 3 episodes in the next 2021 Idea.

It is unlikely to start early. In an interview with the British online magazine Radio Times, series creator Charlie Brooke said that he believes that no one is interested in the story of social breakdown now. This is why he does not engage in such stories. Therefore, the corona virus will slow down the production of "black mirror".

"Black Mirror": Season 6 Trailer

There is currently no information about Season 6 of "Black Mirror", so we must wait for the first photo or trailer. After the official announcement of the sixth season, Netflix may provide us with more services. Experience shows that Netflix can complete this operation in a relatively short time.

"Black Mirror": Season 6 plot

Understandably, nothing is known about the unconfirmed news of Season 6 of Black Mirror. Series creator Charlie Brooker [Charlie Brooker] has already talked about the concept of using the series in the future. Another story of "deciding for yourself" in the style of "Bendersnatch" will soon be waiting for us. In addition, Brooke does not rule out old "Black Mirror" episodes, derivative products or ongoing sequels of new stories.

"Black Mirror": Season 6 Actors

Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the cast of "Black Mirror" Season 6. Especially in the past few seasons, the series has always selected top British and American stars. This trend will definitely continue in the new season

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