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Blightbound, the new from the creators of Awesomenauts, will be a multiplayer dungeon crawler coming in the summer



Ronimo Games, the creators of Awesomenauts, has revealed the new project in hand and it will be about Blightbound, a dungeon crawler with a dark theme and that will be focused mainly on multiplayer mode.

The story will narrate the exploits of legendary warriors who decades ago confronted the fearsome Shadow Titan and killed him. However, all the dangers did not end there, because that was when a plague called Blight that it is capable of corrupting with its mist anyone who is exposed to it.

This will lead players to form groups of three people to defeat creatures created by the Blight. By the way will explore dungeons in which all kinds of monsters will inhabit that will release rewards when eliminating them and that will serve to empower the characters.


Also, there will be 20 different heroes, each with their own active and passive skills, and with their respective backstories. The characters will tour three different zones, with numerous challenges, dungeons and much more in a world drawn entirely by hand with 3D models.

At the moment its launch has only been set for PC sometime this summer and it will go on sale first in the form of Early Access. We leave you with his presentation trailer.

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