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Blizzard provides direct train service to employees during U.S. blockade




Emily Gera
Sunday, March 22, 2020, GMT

During the US Coronavirus blockade, Blizzard has been providing care kits for essential supplies to home-based employees in California and Texas.

Blizzard project manager Jens Salvesen on Twitter over the weekend highlighted thousands of employee care kits, including soap, toilet paper and toilet paper towels, which are delivered through an office in Irvine, California The drive-through service provided in the parking garage is provided to company employees. In Texas, Jesse Meschuk, senior vice president of global human resources at Blizzard confirmed The company also has a similar setup in its Austin office.

Blizzard had previously announced that it would pay standard salaries to housekeepers, security guards and cafe staff while they stayed home.

Coronaviruses have had a significant impact on all industries, including video games. From Rockstar to Bungie and Microsoft, developers are starting remote work this month. As more people stay home because of health concerns, the number of online users and gamers on Steam has hit record highs.

Earlier today, we reported that Blizzard introduced a new "Wind of Wisdom" buff in World of Warcraft. From now until April 20, players have been in Warcraft due to players staying in the game while the corona virus was self-isolated. All experience gained in the world has increased by 100%.

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