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Blizzcon 2020 event canceled




The coronavirus continues to affect all sectors of society and industry, and of course, the world of video games, its developers, publishers and related companies have been greatly affected by the entire issue of the pandemic, however, they do not stop evaluating any type of alternative that serves them to continue carrying out their events, launches, announcements and much more.

Now it is the turn of Blizzard, who has had to cancel the Blizzcon 2020 due to the pandemic that has generated a lot of damage. This was, as always, one of the many events expected this year and that unfortunately it had to be canceled, although it is not a surprise for followers or businessmen when they hear the news.

Blizzard evaluates digital alternatives for the not too distant future

Blizzcon 2020 event cancellation confirmed

Blizzard I had been debating for some months whether or not they canceled the Blizzcon 2020 and finally that day has come, but, Saralyn Smith, executive producer of Blizzard commented: “We are talking about how we could channel the spirit of BlizzCon and connect with you in some way online.”

further Saralyn Smith added: “We want to do this as soon as we can, but since this is new territory and there are different factors involved, it will most likely be early next year.”

blizzcon 2020
Blizzard's digital events in the future are still unknown

In the cancellations of these events not only do the organizing companies and those responsible for carrying out these events, such as Blizzard, lose time and investment, but also all those small entrepreneurs in charge of food, drinks, parking and many other elements that make life as entrepreneurs in each of these events.

At the moment, Blizzard hasn't announced a digital event very soon, but, it is more than clear that if there is an announcement in the coming months it would be a digital event so that the followers of the brand can see the internet transmission from their homes.


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