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Borderlands 3 Announces New DLC: Bounty of Blood



In February Gearbox announced the Borderlands 3 “Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock” DLC, one that featured Wainwright and Hammerlock's wedding story on the planet Xylourgos. However, it seems that this is not the last expansion that will come to the game, because the developers recently announced the third DLC called “Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption” through the episode 7 of the Borderlands Show which was broadcast on the Borderlands official YouTube channel.

This new DLC is based on western cowboy culture, and will transport players to a new planet called “Gehenna” where they will have to face a new faction of beast-riding outlaws called “The Devil Riders”, which usually do assaults with their weapons in the small town of Vestige

. The main objective is to gather a group to face the villains who have been terrorizing Vestige for a long time.

The Borderlands Show Episode 7 – Borderlands 3 Presentation – Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption

In addition to what has already been mentioned, Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption also incorporates other new features such as the Jetbeast jet ski to move around the plains of the planet, and interactive objects like the Traitorweed, the Breezebloom and new loot with interesting rewards. Th is third Borderlands 3 DLC will arrive on June 25, 2020

. However, Matt Cox, the creative director of Gearbox did not want to miss the opportunity of this great announcement, and he took the opportunity to confirm that the fourth DLC is on the way with a new concept art with a very psychedelic style.

Borderlands 3 Announces New DLC: Bounty of Blood
Concept Art for the fourth Borderlands 3 DLC

As you can see, the image is very interesting with the colors they convey, but unfortunately it does not reveal anything about what the fourth DLC will be called or about what it will be about. More information on the third Borderlands DLC can be found at official page of the game.

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▪ Release date: 09/13/2019

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