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Borderlands 3 Music Director Leaves Gearbox After 12 Years To Join Obsidian




If the Gearbox studio can be proud of something, it is because of the saga Borderlands. An unprecedented success that has been consolidated with the recent third installment, launched in September last year. However, the franchise must say goodbye to one of its oldest members.

Is about Raison Varner, director of audio and music for Borderlands 3Not to mention, he also dubbed the odd character in the game. Varner has announced that leaves the studio and the franchise after 12 years to go to Obsidian Entertainment.

It's time for a big change! I am pleased to announce that I am joining Obsidian Entertainment in Irvine, California. This week has been my last on Gearbox. I am looking forward to seeing what lies beyond the horizon as I plan new adventures, new potential, and new experiences with the amazing people of Obsidian.

He has worked on all the games in the series so far, as well as in any other Gearbox project during the last decade and little (Battleborn, etc). His role in the third installment of Borderlands It was, as I said before, directing the music of the different composers to create a cohesive soundtrack.

On the other hand, Obsidian has been quite busy lately. At the end of last year they launched The Outer Worlds, and right now they are working on Grounded, a new Microsoft exclusive survival title. A huge loss for Borderlands no doubt, but surely Varner will not be short of things to do in his new home.


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