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Building game Suriving the Aftermath comes with new features on Steam




In Surviving the Aftermath we clean up the post-apocalypse, and from October even on Steam. In Surviving the Aftermath we clean up the post-apocalypse, and from October even on Steam.

Surviving the Aftermath shouldn't have appeared on Steam until it's done. And that at the end of 2020. Now nothing will come of it. Due to the continuing restrictions in the wake of the Corona crisis, the building game is postponed to 2021. The developers still want to keep their promise. That's why Surviving the Aftermath still appears on Steam, but still as an Early Access version.

When does it appear on Steam?

On October 22, 2020 then it’s time. On this day, the Epic-exclusive deal ends and you can access the Steam store. The official product page for Surviving the Aftermath is already available.

According to the developer of Haemimont Games, the thing with early access is not such a bad thing, because this way the players on Steam can still express their opinions and contribute to the development. You can get a first impression of Surviving the Aftermath in our screenshot gallery:

Surviving the Aftermath – view screenshots

On Steam with integrated mod support

If you choose Surviving the Aftermath on Steam, you even have a small advantage. The building game makes use of the integrated workshop there. You can then easily subscribe to a lot of mods on the Steam site and no longer have to dig through the records or search online for mod guides.

The game is already being provided with new content by hardworking modders. Steam players will have a fairly large contingent of fan creation right from the start. If you want to get an overview of current mods, you will find a large selection on

What is Surviving the Aftermath about?

Surviving the Aftermath is basically a classic building game. But here you neither colonize a new country nor a foreign planet. In Surviving the Aftermath you build a post-apocalyptic settlement. But since the wasteland is teeming with dangers, you have a great responsibility. After all, you should guarantee the survival of your settlers. For this you have to:

  • Collect resources: You need all kinds of stuff to survive. So explore the surrounding area and tackle as much useful stuff as you can find. From this you then build new buildings, of which there are currently 61 pieces.
  • Know your enemies: Surviving the Aftermath maps are generated automatically. Each always has six different biomes in which different dangers occur. So your enemies are not just nefarious predators, unfavorable competitors or wild animals. Natural disasters are also a problem for your colony.
  • Become a leader: Your colonists rely on you. After all, they are the specialists you send into the world to fight, plunder or do research. You also have to make decisions over and over again, the consequences of which can affect the whole colony, and how the leaders of other colonies deal with you.

If you think now: "Wait a minute! That sounds familiar to me! «, Then you have probably heard of Endzone or even played it. In fact, the building game by the German developer Gentlymad Studios follows a very similar concept. Endzone has just been released on Steam and we have been very careful about the early access title:

Will Endzone be the next survival build-up hit?


Will Endzone be the next survival build-up hit?

Now the game with Surviving the Atfermath on Steam is of course facing strong competition. We will also look at the title in more detail soon and then tell you where the similarities and differences are in the details.


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