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Bundesliga Live Stream: Watching a football match on the Internet




Watch football on the Internet

The ball rolls again. From May 16, the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga will be held again. Due to the continued ban on large-scale events held in Germany until August 31, 2020, these games will be played as "virtual games" without an audience. Below we show you how to legally broadcast live Bundesliga and other football matches on the Internet in real time.

Sport 1


Reception and live broadcast

First National LeagueMonday evening at 8:30
Champions LeagueTuesday, 6:55 pm **
Champions LeagueTuesday, 9:00 PM **
Champions LeagueWednesday, 6:55 pm **
Champions LeagueWednesday, 9:00 pm **
European LeagueThursday, 7 pm*
European LeagueThursday, 9:05 pm *
First National LeagueFriday evening at 8:30
First National LeagueSunday, 1:30 pm

* DAZN exclusively broadcasts 190 of 205 games. The remaining 15 games are played at RTL. ** Share games with Sky (more info) It is unclear whether DAZN will continue to broadcast the German Bundestag. If this is the case, you can still watch it on the Amazon Prime Channel from Eurosport Player, or you can watch it in HD + through the broadcaster Eurosport 2 HD Xtra.



Reception and live broadcast

2nd BundesligaMonday evening at 8:30
Champions LeagueTuesday, 6:55 pm **
Champions LeagueTuesday, 9:00 PM **
Champions LeagueWednesday, 6:55 pm **
Champions LeagueWednesday, 9:00 pm **
2nd BundesligaFriday afternoon at 6:30
2nd BundesligaSaturday, 1pm
First National LeagueSaturday, 3:30 pm ***
First National LeagueSaturday, 6:30 pm
2nd BundesligaSunday, 1pm ***
First National LeagueSunday, 3:30 pm
First National LeagueSunday, 6:30 pm

* Telekom can also buy Sky Bundesliga 1 and Sky Sport 1 compactly through Sky Sport ** Share game with DAZN (more information) *** Also available on free TV (more info) DFB Cup
Sky Broadcast all games. (more information)

Self-defense force

Self-defense force

Reception and live broadcast

First National LeagueFriday, 8:30 pm *

* The first and second round of the 17th game

Sky sports newsFootball: Bundesliga second2nd BundesligaFriday, 10.15 pm
Acute respiratory diseaseSports programs1./2. BundesligaSaturday, 6:30 pm
Self-defense forceCurrent sports studio1./2. Bundesliga11pm Saturday
Sport 1Sport 11./2. BundesligaSunday, 9 am
Sky sports newsFootball: Bundesliga second2nd BundesligaSunday evening at 7:30
Acute respiratory diseaseARD Regional Broadcasting Company1./2. BundesligaSunday, 9:15 pm
RTL NitroRTL Nitro1./2. BundesligaMonday, 10.15 pm
GreatSummary1./2. Bundesliga40 minutes after the final whistle
Sky BundesligaSummary1./2. BundesligaImmediately after the final whistle

table of Contents

  1. First and second Bundesliga in live and TV

  2. Champions and Europa League on live and TV

  3. Europa League live and TV broadcast

  4. DFB Cup in live and live TV

  5. Highlights and summary of the Bundesliga: position and date

  6. Reception options and prices

  7. Bundesliga wins in Switzerland and Austria

  8. Follow the Bundesliga abroad

  9. Bundesliga on the radio

    1. Audio streaming: Get Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and Champions League for free on Amazon

    2. Club TV and Netradio in the first and second Bundesliga

  10. Can Bundesliga live broadcast live on the Internet for free? note!

  11. The third league on TV and the Internet, women ’s football and amateur football

note: DFL changed the schedule for the 26th match day. The Friday game between Dusseldorf and Paderborn will be moved to Saturday and will be part of the meeting there at 3:30 pm The match and kick-off time for the 26th game can be seen in the overview below.

  • First National League
  • 2nd Bundesliga
Saturday, May 16 Sunday, May 17

First and second Bundesliga in live and TV

Sky showcased most of the first Bundesliga matches in the 2019/2020 season. On "Sky", you can watch the meeting on Saturday afternoon and watch the top games on Saturday evening. The provider will also broadcast the first Bundesliga game on Saturday afternoon on its free TV channel Sky Sport News HD, and the second Bundesliga game on Sunday afternoon on the 26th and 27th.

In addition to Sky, the streaming service DAZN also provides a live broadcast package for the Bundesliga. On DAZN, you can regularly watch Friday games, five games at 1:30 pm on Sunday, five games on Monday night, relegation games and Super Cup. Eurosport had previously shown these games, but then obtained permission from DAZN. However, there is currently a dispute between Eurosport and the DFL, which is why it was initially unclear whether DAZN could broadcast the game on the next match day.

You can no longer receive the Bundesliga through the "classic" Eurosport Player. By subscribing to Amazon Channels and HD +, if an agreement is reached between Eurosport and DFL, you can still watch the Bundesliga live stream through the previous Eurosport route.

The best football app for iOS and Android "class =" lazy "class =" lazy "class =" lazy Learn more

ZDF aired three games on Friday on free TV. Therefore, you can watch the first game of the second half of the season between Schalke 04 and Mönchengladbach on January 17 on free TV. Thanks to the discount provided by Amazon Channels, you can also watch the Friday games on January 24 and 31 for free.

Sky broadcasts all matches in the second Bundesliga. In addition, the pay TV broadcaster has reached a partnership for distribution with the football app Onefootball for the 2019/2020 season. Therefore, you can watch all live single games starting from € 3.99 in Onefootball's live video stream with pay-per-view. The offer is only applicable to smartphones and tablets in Germany and Onefootball.

Champions and Europa League on live and TV

Sky and DAZN will continue to share the UEFA Champions League broadcast rights next season. The game is currently interrupted and it is unclear whether this year will continue.

Sky "class =" lazy brd-a brdr-2 brdc-w RDAZN "class =" lazy brd-a brdr-2 brdc-w

Europa League live and TV broadcast

Since the 2018/2019 season, DAZN has the rights to all 205 games of the European League. The streaming service specifically broadcasts 190 of these games. The remaining 15 games can also be seen on RTL or RTL Nitro. Therefore, you can watch at least one game on free TV every day. However, the game is currently interrupted and it is not clear whether the game will end in 2020.

RDAZN "class =" lazy brd-a brdr-2 brdc-w RTL Nitro "class =" lazy brd-a brdr-2 brdc-w

DFB Cup in live and live TV

DFB-Pokal has undergone minor changes in broadcasting rights for the 2019/20 season. For the first time, Sport1 won the right to compete in the German Cup, and broadcast the game on free TV from the first round of the main game to the quarter-finals. ARD also played a game in the first two rounds, showing two games in each round, and the last round was 16 games. Sky still owns the rights to all 63 games and broadcasts all games in a single game and conference.

The aforementioned distribution partnership between Sky and Onefootball also extends to the spread of the DFB Cup. You can also follow all the games individually and broadcast live through the onefootball app for smartphones and tablets. The minimum fee for a live broadcast of a single game is 3.99 Euros. The DFB Cup will be held soon. There is no date for the semifinals.

Highlights and summary of the Bundesliga: position and date

You can receive delayed reports on TV via Sky Sport News HD, Sport1, ARD, ZDF and RTL Nitro, and receive delayed reports online via streaming services DAZN and (starting from the 2019/20 season). Sky can also display the highlights of Bundesliga games on pay TV or through the Sky Sport app (for Sky subscribers with Bundesliga packages).

The first choice for the first and second Bundesliga digest is the streaming service DAZN. Within 40 minutes after the final whistle, you will always receive highlights from all games of the season. Sky Sports News HD will broadcast the highlights of the second part at 10:30 on Friday night. Every Saturday from 6:30 pm of the ARD sports program or from 11:00 pm ZDF program "Das current Sportstudio", which summarizes all the Bundesliga match day games.

On Sunday, Sport1 continued to broadcast the highlights of the second Bundesliga at 9:00 am. Starting from 9:30 am, the summary of the first Bundesliga will continue as part of the "Bundesliga" program. "Sky Sports News HD" played a wonderful clip of the second division on Sunday at 7:30 pm. Later, you can see a summary of the two leagues in the third program (NDR, WDR, etc.). On Monday evening, RTL Nitro Broadcasting Company ended the game day from 10:15 pm.

Reception options and prices

1 of 7

  • Sky subscriptions, including Sky Go

    For classic Sky subscriptions via cable or satellite connections (including Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and Champions League), you actually only pay less than 40 Euros per month-which translates to a minimum contract period of two years. Those who only subscribe to the Bundesliga actually pay less than 31 euros per month.

    Classic Sky subscriptions always include Sky Go, a protocol that enables Sky content to be received through Android and iOS devices, web browsers, Sky TV Box, Fire TV, Android TV, or Xbox One.


carry on

Bundesliga wins in Switzerland and Austria

The Bundesliga can also be received in Austria and Switzerland. In Austria, you can see the highest league in Germany through Sky and DAZN, just like Germany. On the other hand, in Switzerland, Sky TV and Eurosport broadcast the Bundesliga. You can access the Swiss Eurosport program through the Teleclub sports package. You can watch Bundesliga broadcast from the sky through UPC's MySports package.

Follow the Bundesliga abroad

Due to the EU ’s portability regulations, many of the benefits mentioned are now available in other EU countries, not just in Germany. Now you can enjoy content via Sky Go and sometimes in DAZN without a VPN service.

However, outside the EU, the situation still looks terrible. Taking ARD and ZDF as examples, we will show you how to receive corresponding programs that transcend national borders. We will also introduce you to the best VPN providers.

Bundesliga on the radio

You can use either classic VHF receivers, DAB + digital broadcasting, or Internet broadcasting applications provided by broadcasters and providers. Various German national radio stations (eg NDR or WDR) broadcast the Bundesliga on the radio. The following is a list of radio shows for your football afternoon.

You can listen to the stream of radio programs on the radio station's website, or you can play it directly as an m3u file in the player. You can use a program like VLC media player to play. These files provide direct access to the live stream of radio stations.

Audio streaming: Get Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and Champions League for free on Amazon

Amazon will provide a special gift for friends of pure-sound football entertainment in the 2019/20 season. Because now all Amazon customers are watching and watching the first and second Bundesliga and DFB Cup and Champions League audio streams for free. Receive other subscriptions that do not require Amazon Prime or Amazon Music. In national competitions, you can listen to all live competitions. In the Champions League, Amazon only plays games played by Germans. Football audio content is also available on demand.

Club TV and Netradio in the first and second Bundesliga

Even on YouTube alone, club TV has become an important part of every team in the first and second Bundesliga. The table below summarizes the quotations of the various teams. In addition, you will learn which clubs maintain fans or webcasts, and comprehensively comment on the club ’s games and even conduct podcasts. Bayern Munich Football Club is the only team on the list that broadcasts its 24-hour live broadcast.

Can Bundesliga live broadcast live on the Internet for free? note!

Of course, the offer sounds tempting, you search for "Bundesliga Live-Stream" and get many pages. Click once, maybe again, and the flow starts. Well, sometimes you have to fight against stuttering or dropping out of school, but this is not important, it is free. You should only consider one small problem: Such a streaming media portal is illegal!

So far, you have been in a legal gray area in the reception of the stream. to date! Because you are no longer moving in the gray area during this period, you will be penalized if you watch video streams on these pages. If you want to watch football in the live broadcast, you need to pay in addition to the broadcast on ARD and ZDF. You should avoid using sites like "", "", "" or "".

The third league on TV and the Internet, women ’s football and amateur football

You can also watch the live broadcast of the third league through the Internet. These rights are held by Deutsche Telekom. The telecom group broadcasts all matches live. You can receive games through MagentaSport. In the first year, Telekom customers receive the required packages for free. Anyone who does not have a fixed network or mobile phone contract in Telekom must pay 9.95 euros per month. The offer also includes the top games of the FLYERALARM Women's Bundesliga. You can watch the third league on the free TV of ARD's regional channels. On Friday night, you can watch the game on the free TV of Eurosport and win the women ’s Bundesliga championship. However, it is not clear when the third league will continue this year.

Follow the home games of local country clubs on a tablet or smartphone and take a vacation in real time? Thanks to Deutsche Telekom and the portal, this is no problem. Sporttotal not only plays great videos, but also broadcasts live amateur football matches live. The 180-degree HD camera will automatically track the game. It is usually connected to the mast at the centerline level or below the stadium roof. Deutsche Telekom is a transmission technology partner, mainly responsible for streaming media infrastructure.

During the transmission, the user can instruct himself to move around the square within a 180-degree image radius, and use the zoom function to take a closer look at the selected area of ​​the stadium or certain players. EntertainTV customers can choose content from Sporttotal, and can also watch it through the sporttotal app and on, and Sporttotal is not the only amateur football portal on the Internet. also displays sports images from low-end football leagues to regional leagues on the Internet.


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