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Bystander in the test 2




Warm light game with Alava Premium Send us together Valentine 2 In a gloomy dark game. The title is now also available on XBox One, which is enough for us to experience the game again.

Our tests clarified what has changed compared to the previous version and whether the implementation was successful.

Investigate murder

In Valentine 2 Compared with the previous game, it not only changed the rules of the game, but also changed the scenery. Our hero was summoned to the ministry to fill his new job. It soon became clear that this was no accident. Our father also worked in this department but died because of mysterious environment.

Our job now is to climb the career ladder, of course to solve the murder of our father. To this end, we must go from the lowest level to the highest level of the ministries. How we do this ultimately depends on us.

What are you going to do

There are fixed hours every day, in this case 9 hours. During these nine hours, we must have a dialogue, complete our work, complete our tasks, and of course make extremely difficult decisions.

This is not going well for us …

After all, there is a fairly healthy middle ground, after all, every day is waiting for the payment of bills. If we cannot pay the rent and other expenses, we will be driven out of the apartment and the game is over. We should not go too aggressively, please ask our colleagues who shot our character without thinking.

In the end, in order to improve the status of ministries and commissions, it is necessary to circle our work colleagues or eliminate them. In Valentine 2

Evil regimes are everywhere, intrigues, and people are reported and killed. Depending on your preferences, we can develop friendships with our colleagues or complete orders for you, which means that you (maybe) give up a higher position.

However, we can also store prohibited items in your workplace and report to the authorities by phone. Shortly thereafter, the troops began to assemble and kill their colleagues. We must pay attention to all this, are you going to kill to achieve your goal? Is investigating a murder really a legitimate basis for eliminating others? How far will you go to reach your goal?

Launch trailer:

Valentine 2 Can be found on PC, XBox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Android and iOS


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