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Call of Duty Warzone is not a Battle Royale, the developer says




The developer of Call of Duty: Warzone thinks it's not a battle royale game. The developer of Call of Duty: Warzone thinks it's not a battle royale game.

The assumption that you are playing a Battle Royale game with Call of Duty: Warzone is not unfounded: you usually click a button labeled “Battle Royale” to start a match. So you take part in matches in which 150 players on a huge map fight against each other and only one team can win.

But creative director of the game Amos Hodge saysthat Warzone is internal to the developer studio not as a battle royale title

considered. Because it stands out too much from the known game mode.

How does that fit together?

Hodge thinks that the title is mostly through game modes like Junk plays differently as typical battle royale. That is why he speaks of “Big Map Game Modes” – game modes that take place on large maps.

Plunder is not about being the last survivor, it's about the map to collect scattered money. The team with the largest bank account wins in the end. If you die here, you just spawn again. According to our editor Elena, this is the best mode in the game:

You're playing the wrong mode on CoD: Warzone!


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You're playing the wrong mode on CoD: Warzone!

The Gulag also does not match classic Battle Royale. Here you enter after the death 1v1 matches to earn your respawn. Alternatively, you can watch other players fight for it.

There will be more such modes

The developer thinks there is a lot of untapped potential. Therefore you are allowed to in the future more game modes expect that are simply played on a large map, but differ in their goals from Battle Royale.

The plan is to always have the normal Battle Royale mode, but still one more limited timewho follows other rules.

An example of this is the “Stimulus Solo” mode, in which you pay for your respawn. This changes the process, according to the developer, and players are more focused on fulfilling contracts to always have enough money to re-enter the match.

What is currently happening in Warzone?

The developer recently released another Warzone update. Now you can find access cards to open bunkers full of loot. Not only have the phones started ringing and playing a Russian message, there are also mysterious clues hidden in the patch notes.


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