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Capcom launches a new brand, the return of the arcade classics?




Before becoming a real machine to redo all the episodes of the Resident Evil survival horror series, the developer Capcom was once the king of the arcade, a status recently reactivated with success thanks to the very retro Capcom Home Arcade.

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But fans of the Osaka firm know this: the publication of the financial balance sheet for the 2019-2020 fiscal year allowed us to dream, since Capcom reach heights in 2021, thanks to "many major titles"

still very mysterious.

While waiting to find out what it is all about, the update of the sales figures of its most illustrious series reminds us that we still have to reckon with some old briscards from the great tradition of the arcade game, like Street Fighter.

And if you are one of the nostalgic ones of the golden age of the good old terminals intended to suck up our pocket money, the time is (perhaps) for rejoicing, since the editor comes from deposit the brand "Capcom Arcade Stadium", which may well be one of many titles to come. The beat'em all of the great era had also recently been the subject of a retro compilation with the release of Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle in 2018.

Unfortunately, in the absence of any description, it will be necessary to operate his imagination, and hope that the big pixel that tche is part. Come on, we have the right to dream a little, right? Quant Stadium Arcadium …


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