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Chronicle In Game: The Perfect Parry, the classiest mechanics of video games?




Chronic The Perfect Parry, the classiest mechanics of video games?

In this new episode of In Game we will approach the Perfect Parry. This game mechanic has taken many forms in different fighting games. Its most emblematic iteration remains that present in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Let's come back together on this technique whose difficulty of execution is only equaled by the satisfaction it provides when it is successful.


Few fighting games are as respected as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Despite its meager sales and rather limited player base, the 3rd version of the 3rd game of Capcom's license benefits from a very special aura among fighters. And this aura he owes it mainly to his mechanics of parry that we will see together in this new episode of In Game

Fighting games are particularly demanding games. Each game has its specificities. Fundamentals, priority triangles, gauge and specific attacks … So many mechanics that require time and learning.

You are aware that Street Fighter II laid the foundations of the fighting game with a certain number of rules allowing the mindgame to settle in, encouraging players to condition their opponent and to read in their game. the blow, the blow beats the catch, the catch beats the guard, the jumped attack beats the low guard, the shoryuken has frames of invulnerability making it essential to counter the jumped attacks, themselves favored to respond to hadokens… This is the basis to which will be added quickly the management of the super bar in the following opus accompanied by additional shots with unique properties that balance the whole.

This core of gameplay already allows him alone to create epic situations or completely crazy comebacks. It's not for nothing that a competitive scene is still and always active on Super street fighter 2 turbo, if you want to look stylish say “2x”.

If Street 2 is considered as founder by all players, street fighter 3 is often considered the most technical of the whole series. We are going to focus on 3rd strike, its 3rd version. If you want to look stylish, say "3.3". What makes Street Fighter 3 and its versions so special compared to the whole series is its universal parry mechanics replaced in the 4th episode by the focus attack, less demanding in terms of timing but also less spectacular. Any character can nullify damage and hit stun (the number of frames during which your character is incapable of any action) by moving forwards when a hit hits him.

To give you an idea, the game runs at 60 fps and you have a window between 6 and 10 frames to perform the manipulation. You must therefore respect a timing which takes to the 10th of a second. For low shots you have to do low with the same timing. 3.3 brings up a variant of this system called red parry which runs after blocking a hit.

This is not the first game to implement this mechanic, samurai shodown II did something similar in 1994 while Tekken has his low parry … So why is Street 3 so good? First, the sound design is crazy. Secondly, the freeze frames, this short moment when the time freezes, accentuates the satisfaction obtained with the success of the parry and allows the player to integrate well the fact that he has just succeeded in his action. And third and most importantly, it is the concept of risk.

You are aware that to protect yourself in most fighting games you must back up. However, it is sometimes the best way to get stuck in the corner and be thrown in a loop. To make a parry you have to advance, so the opposite of protecting yourself. Or do it low for a low blow, without backing up. It is therefore an action that requires tight timing, flawless execution and above all total confidence in one's abilities and knowledge of the game. It must be a conscious decision and a fully calculated risk-taking. If I really insist on it it is because it is a mechanic of rare elegance. It’s crystal clear.

Having made it possible to parry absolutely every shot, including the super, allows this kind of exceptional moment. Because a super or ex hit, which is an upgraded version of a special, does damage across the guard. Protecting yourself is not enough. At that moment, Ken player Daigo had no option but to make this practically impossible parry a success. And he did. So already it’s super cool because this game mechanic created a moment that brought the players together and that serves as an e-sports emblem quite regularly. To the point that we talk about it a little too much we will not lie. Many people pay tribute to him, even Capcom made it a challenge in the released of 3rd Strike on Ps3 and 360 proposing to the player to try this parry. But above all this mechanics radiates in a good number of fighting games and personally when I learned that the parry was arriving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I hallucinated. It was already present in Smash 4 but it happened when the shield key was pressed at the right time and did not have these freeze frames. Which means that you could succeed in a parry without doing it on purpose. In ultimate you have to release the shield button at the right time which also makes it a conscious choice, a lowering of the guard and therefore a risk taking and it works extremely well.

This mechanism combining risk and reward is probably my favorite any style of game combined because it allows mind-blowing reversals and offers an additional means of expression to players.

All that to say, that game design can arouse emotion other than by direct association with storytelling and can create stories and hype by the rules it imposes on its players. And still today the parry still works as well.

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