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Civilization VI will expand with new civilizations, game modes, and more with the New Frontiers Season Pass




With four years behind him and a couple of expansions, Civilization VI has not yet said its last word and is preparing to expand its content steadily over the coming months with the newly announced New Frontiers season pass.

Those who purchase this season pass will have access to eight new civilizations which will join the existing ones together with nine additional leaders, a total of six new game modes and many other surprises that will accompany those mentioned. Each of these DLC will be released Every two months from May 2020 to March 2021.

The first of these packs will be available sometime this month and will include the civilization of The Mayas

and of Greater Colombia, in addition to the Apocalypse game mode, new cities, resources and much more.

The other that has been revealed so far has been the one that will arrive in July and will be the pack of Ethiopia, which, as its name suggests, will include this civilization along with its respective leader, the Secret Societies game mode and a new type of district and infrastructure. The rest of the packs have not been specified exactly what they will be, so we will have to wait for the next months to discover it.

Civilization Vi New Frontier Roadmap

While the packs will be available for purchase individuallyThose who opt for the season pass will exclusively receive the Teddy Roosevelt and Catalina de Médici personality packs. Both will offer new models, bonuses, backgrounds and another series of novelties that will be accessed in July when the second of the six DLC to be published arrives.

The Civilization VI New Frontier Season Pass will be priced at 39.99 euros and it will be available in its versions for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Linux. On the other hand, those who are not interested in taking the season pass will not be left empty-handed, as new maps, scenarios and much more are also planned for the coming months through free updates.


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