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Create a stunning arcade controller as a tribute to Dragon Ball




In the absence of the highly anticipated DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5, fans around the world are content to create stunning 3D models of the Xbox 360 controller or, they get a little bit more retro and DIY, to create a beautiful and detailed Dragon Ball arcade controller.

The precious creation that you can see under these lines belong to TheDargonKing on Reddit, for which a Razer Panthera and it has customized with illustrations from Dragon Ball FighterZ with Broly up front. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful arcade sticks that we have seen lately and, in addition, it has more merit to have been created by a fan


Finally finished my custom fight stick. Base is a Razer Panthera (not evo). Replacing the art was a much longer process than expected due to the regular pantheras design desde dragonballfighterz

It is not easy to achieve something from this draft by doing it yourself at home, you have to have a good hand and patience

, it is made by hand or it is made with a decal, because it matters, a lot, how one places the artwork in the controller, because it depends on look as spectacular as this one from Dragon Ball or that the design remains at half gas.

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