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PS5 could have filed a new patent. The data has been disclosed by The World Intellectual Property Organization, revealing that the publication dates from May 22 this year. In the data, Sony Interactive Entertainment itself appears as the applicant and the musician, Albhy Galuten, as inventor. The patent is titled under the name: Dynamic music creation.

Official Patent Summary: A method and system for dynamic music creation. An emotion is assigned to one or more musical motifs and associated with a game vector with the emotion. A musical composition is generated based on the game vector and emotions.

The patent does not confirm that it is expressly for PS5, since it does not mention it. But, surely this technology goes beyond the conceptual stage through the next generation of consoles. According to these data, it seems that Sony is experimenting with creating music, with tools that unleash the creativity of users. Also, it could be an application that runs from the main screen of PS5

, and that allows us to create music and make use of it during our games or to customize the sounds of the menu or home screen. For now there is no more information about this patent, we will have to wait for an official statement, or presentation.


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