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Cut ASMR, the strange mobile game that is succeeding




Video games by definition have a recreational objective, but in recent years their benefits have been studied in players in a more therapeutic way. Mainly, there are many games that can improve cognitive abilities, psychomotricity and even a game has been used to detect Alzheimer's. Video games are also associated with relaxation methods and are perfect for stress relief. For the first, some users turn to ASMR videos, which if you are not familiar with this term means ‘Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response’, for its acronym in English. Basically it is a satisfying sensation caused by auditory or visual stimuli. Well, if you put both things together, you have ASMR Cut, a mobile game that's succeeding at present.

Videos popularized on the Internet cut objects such as soaps, cakes or kinetic sand, something that provides much satisfaction to those who see it. So ASMR Court is about just that. It is a simulator available for iOS and Android on cutting different materials while you see how it slide the knife over those surfaces

by touch control. There are a series of levels, in which the player can enjoy everything he cuts, get collectibles and unlock new content like other cutting tools (a lightsaber or a saw, among other things). In addition to the classic items, there are also mysterious items ready to be cut. And the game is also free of any music that distracts the player from the sound of this action. Passing or not level will only depend on the number of cuts made

As you can see in the gameplay video it has a very simple interface and the objects are represented without much detail. During the last weeks it has been among the most downloaded games in some countries like Spain, so you can find it totally free on google play and the official apple store. Do you dare to cut something? The truth is that the ASMR has gone so far that even Pokémon has shared videos of that style.


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