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Cyber ​​Ghost: VPN test winners can currently be purchased at a special price




Excellent conditions, free for two months

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The two-year CyberGhost subscription price is currently significantly lower. In addition, the provider will give away free for two months. As part of this offer, is it worth investing in a top VPN? Netzwelt tells you.

Cyber ​​Ghost is one of the most powerful VPN services ever. In fact, in our VPN comparison, the service has long been the number one. Cyber ​​Ghost regularly charges a fee of 58.68 euros per year. You can currently reduce your subscription for two years. The price of the VPN service for two years is 66 Euros, and it currently only costs a little more than a year.

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  • Anonymous browsing and streaming

  • Bypassing National Block

  • Security in the public network

Compared with the normal two-year price, the offer price is equivalent to saving about 22 euros. In addition, there are two free months, you can get these fees for free when you sign a two-year contract, so the price of 66 euros applies to 26 months, which is very favorable. Since it is one of the best VPN providers, this price will never go wrong.

»Quote to Cyberghost

In our test, Cyberghost reached the highest score with almost 9.6 out of 10 points. We especially like the wide selection of servers. This provider provides you with 6,000 servers in 90 countries. This makes the service ideal for bypassing country barriers. For example, you can access live streaming from US TV channels.

We also like the speed and extensive security features of the service. If you want the highest level of security and anonymity on the network, you can use this VPN provider to perform all operations correctly. By the way, you can use Cyberghost in parallel on up to seven devices.

Not only CyberGhost provides surprises. Retailers such as Media Markt, Amazon or Saturn provide countless transactions every day. It is difficult to keep an overview. Netzwelt regularly checks the quotations of various retailers. We will tell you whether you really saved money and so-called bargains, and whether it is worth buying the device. You can find the current offers in the "Specials" section. In order not to miss the transaction, you can also subscribe to our cheap newsletter.


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