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Days Gone, Death Stranding and Marvel’s Spider-Man




Playstation 4 It is being one of the consoles from Sony that is bringing together more exclusive proposals throughout the present generation. The excellent quality of this type of titles cannot be found anywhere else, so face adventures of the caliber of Death Stranding, Days Gone or Marvel’s Spider-Man brings an experience like no other. A very promising future lies ahead with regard to what Sony's exclusive studios can do to continue demonstrating the talent of their ranks, but what matters is the present and what is available at the moment. And, in addition, these three titles are included in the Days of Play sales catalog, which has already started and has tailored offers for all types of players.

And this is where the three titles mentioned a few lines above acquire great importance, some of the huge adventures offered by PlayStation 4 and not available anywhere else. Being a legendary superhero like Peter Parker, face the end of the world with Deacon St. John and his inseparable motorcycle or being Norman Reedus himself by putting himself in the shoes of Sam Porter Bridges it has no comparison. All three games have a fairly deep narrative component and provide hundreds of hours of entertainment. In addition, they are very different proposals from each other, so they are complementary to be played at the same time. The great news for you if you have not yet been able to delve into their stories is that they are available until June 8 with a huge discount


Death Stranding, Days Gone and Marvel’s Spider-Man to enjoy hundreds of hours of quality

If you haven't had time to delve into the vast universe created by Kojima Productions in Death Stranding. The title is one of the most revolutionaries of recent times, with a connection system never seen before and that promises to mark a before and after in video games. Furthermore, the narrative component It is one of its star aspects, managing to surprise with an immersive story that takes you on a journey to connect the world. It is almost impossible to explain in words everything you can experience in the title, so the best answer is that you can play it and feel everything it can bring you in your own meats. For this, you have a golden opportunity thanks to the Days of Play, whose promotion allows you to get it for just 29.99 euros


With Days Gone, a proposal full of action and speed, since Deacon St. John will always be accompanied by his motorcycle in one of the most vibrant adventures in the PlayStation 4 catalog. In fact, one of the great features of the Bend Studio title is that the bike has its own progression and customization system with which you can get great improvements and new functions. All this supported by a story that will make you live a limit situation and the search for the truth that hides behind this wide world plagued by hordes of monsters that will make things very difficult for you. Such a unmissable challenge what can you get for only 19.99 euros in the Days of Play.

If you are a movie buff Superheros, probably Spider-man is among your favorites. And if there is something better than watching him sway on the big screen is to become him. This is precisely what Marvel’s Spider-Man offers you, the great title of Insomniac Games that offers a different prism to the adventures of Peter Park and composes a colossal universe to be enjoyed by any PlayStation 4 user. Fun, action and a most interesting story come together in one of the generation video games. And that, in addition, It can be yours for 19.99 euros.

Three great stories that have managed to impress all the PlayStation 4 users who have gotten fully into them and that you can not miss. The Days of Play are giving you the opportunity to get hold of three great adventures for the launch price of a single. Something that, considering that they wait for you more than 100 hours of content between the three games, increase the opportunity. Remember that they are only available until June 8. If you want to play at the best level and with the most exciting stories, it is your best option.


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