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Destiny 2 will now prohibit you from being boosted by cheaters, even if you have not cheated




Destiny 2 PvP cheaters have exploded, while Bunge has become more aggressive.

Every week Destiny 2 In the blog post, Bungie talked about cheating in the game's PvP mode and discussed how the plan would do.

According to Bungie, cheating in Destiny 2 has risen by 50% since January, and this percentage is even higher among lobbyists with the highest skill levels. Of course, most of them are on PC, and "Osiris Trial" is the most obvious target. The developer said that the weekly ban increased from 656 to 2133.

Destiny 2's unique network model makes it a target of some hackers, but developers are working hard to implement some security measures without changing the underlying technology. In addition to technical solutions, Bungie ’s law enforcement team has also been expanded to respond more quickly to threats and to process reports at a higher speed.

There is another major policy change that will affect everyone. Bungie will now ban players who have benefited from cheating but have not cheated. Examples of this include attending cheater parties and getting a win-win situation, or providing your account details to "portable" services, which are essentially games for you that can earn you some of the rarest rewards.

If you realize that your teammates are cheating, then the best way is to leave the game and report to them. If you persevere to win easily, you will be banned.

Bunge also considered another major change, especially for the trial. Developers are considering allowing players to enter the trial only after meeting certain game time requirements. For example, unless you have more than 100 game hours, you may not be able to join the trial. This is done to prevent new accounts (remind you that "Fate 2" is free) from being easily exploited.

However, developers know that this may prevent honest players who have not invested a lot of time from joining their senior friends, so it will seek feedback before seeking feedback.

Another way to solve this problem is to restrict access to the trial, such as locking it after purchasing certain season tickets, etc. Doing so can again prevent a large number of such hackers from attempting to cheat there, because it will cost them money every time. Bunge said that he might do so in the coming season.

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