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Devolver confirms the return of its irreverent Devolver Direct for this year, but they still don't know when it will be




As you know, E3 2020 is officially canceled because of the coronavirus. We will have to wait until next year for the calendar of conferences and events to return to normal, but some companies, such as Ubisofthave opted for celebrate them digitally in these months.

This trend is also joined by Devolver Digital, the indie games publisher that since 2017 has always had its own place at the Angelina fair. They have confirmed that this year there will be Devolver Direct independently of E3. However, they still cannot say an exact date.

The Return Direct 2020 will take place, but we don't know when due to these uncertain times. It will be a good Direct, yes.

The return conferences They are more like a Nintendo Direct than what Microsoft usually organizes, for example (in the sense that they are delayed videos, the reference to Nintendo in the name is obvious). Although they also announce games and dates, they are characterized by a much more macarilla tone, which parodies industry customs with irony, grotesque special effects, and more.

This year we can expect the same, although it will be necessary to see how they do it with the measures of social distancing. Regarding games, the publisher is expected to launch titles this year Serious Sam 4 or Carrion, so it is likely that we will see them in the Direct along with many others.


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