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Disappointment for Blizzard fans: Blizzcon 2020 finally canceled




One thing is certain: Blizzcon 2020 will not take place. One thing is certain: Blizzcon 2020 will not take place.

Now it is clear: There will be no Blizzcon in 2020. Blizzard gave that in one Statement known on the trade fair website. All options had been examined as to how the event could look despite Corona. Finally, it was decided that the event will not take place this year.

The cancellation is not a complete surprise. The organizer had previously expressed doubts whether a Blizzcon would be possible despite Corona restrictions. So we get this year no news about WoW and Diablo 4?

Replacement event will not come until 2021

The cancellation is a serious disappointment, the statement says. Some fans should also feel that, after all, they expected to finally see more about the announced Diablo 4. Many would also like to know more about Overwatch 2.

After the streaky Blizzcon 2018, the reputation of the fair had just recovered somewhat. Blizzard has not yet announced how any announcements will be made. The hopes for a virtual replacement event were somewhat dampened. One would like to make this possible, but because of “different factors” it could not until early next year happen. The Blizzcon usually takes place in November. Last year, the WoW expansion Shadowlands and Diablo 4 were unveiled there.

Diablo 4 All information: classes, skills, endgame and more


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Diablo 4 All information: classes, skills, endgame and more

So are there no more announcements this year? At least there is no concrete plan for it yet. But that doesn't mean that Blizzard's games have to be completely silent this year. The rejection has one advantage: after all, it is now clear that you have to reschedule. Before that, there was still the possibility that Blizzcon 2020 could take place.

We expect Blizzard to be more specific about the changed program soon. The official trade fair cancellation also promises this: “We will tell you more about our plans as they develop.”

The game year 2020 will still be exciting

Many game companies will have to overturn their plans in 2020. The world's largest game fair E3 was also canceled. Nevertheless, there is reason to anticipate: Numerous replacement events take place in the summer, for example the »Indie-E3« guerrilla collective. PC players should also look closely at a PS5 event this year. And Steam is not only hosting a summer festival with free games, the summer sale will also start soon.


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