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Disney + 2021: These movies and series are waiting for you




Percy Jackson, puppets, etc.

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Disney + also hopes to please you with interesting new episodes and movies in 2021. The "Percy Jackson" series has now been announced and will be based on the complete series. You can find more information about the upcoming Disney + highlights on Netzwelt.

Soon at Disney +: "Percy Jackson" series

Soon at Disney +: "Percy Jackson" series (Source:

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  1. Disney + 2021: This content is planned

    1. the film

    2. TV series

    3. Animated series and short films

Disney + will provide you with new albums every week, but in addition to new episodes of famous series, there will be some real highlights in the future. The "Percy Jackson" book series that has produced two films will be completely revised, but this time it is a series. The movie "The Legacy of the Templar" movie series will also be adapted into a series, but the cast is younger. Netzwelt revealed its annual highlights by 2021 and beyond.

Disney + 2021: This content is planned

By ordering the other two seasons, the future of the "Mandalorian" series of "Star Wars" has been secured in the coming years. Therefore, fans can look forward to the continuation of the Space West series in 2020 and 2021, and will likely expand. To make subscribers happy with the regular new version, Disney + has announced various restarts in the future. In the galleries and tables below, we have organized the titles for you.

Disney +: These reboots will wait for you in the future "class =" lazy "class =" lazy "class =" lazy click here

Disney +: These movies are planned

Disney +: These TV series are already planned

Disney +: Plans to produce these animated series and short films

  • "Puppet Now" (2020)
  • Chip and Chap (2020)
  • Monsters at work (2020)
  • in case …? (Marvel, 2021)

If you are not sure whether it is worth subscribing to Disney +, then our review may be helpful to you. But not only are other streaming services annoying, but Netflix and Amazon Prime provide you with new content almost every day. Or is the future of streaming in your pocket? At least Quibi hopes you believe that this is the latest streaming service developed specifically for smartphones. No matter where your streaming journey goes, you can stay informed at Netzwelt!

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