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Disney +: Does the streaming service start without UHD?




Throttling transmission results in poor image quality without 4K

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Disney + actually provides Ultra HD quality video streaming. However, in Germany, you must be satisfied with the poor resolution because streaming services are reducing the transmission rate. Netzwelt reveals what you expect now.

Disney +: Want to start without UHD quality?

Disney +: Want to start without UHD quality? (Source: Disney +)

Unlike streaming competitor Netflix, Disney + offers 4K image quality streaming to all customers without additional payment. However, in Germany, you may not be able to convince yourself for a while, because Disney has reduced the transmission rate for precaution. This is to ensure that German internet connections remain stable. Especially since many people now rely on home offices and video chat with colleagues, a sudden increase in 4K streams can cause problems.

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At the beginning of Disney +, you can only stream to 75% of the actual performance possible. Don't worry about the almost unrecognizable pixel porridge, but it is likely that you will initially see Disney + content in (Full) HD instead of UHD. Considering that for similar reasons, Disney + has been delayed in other countries, this is a painful limitation. Soon, when the Internet becomes more free again, of course you can also enjoy UHD streaming in Germany!

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