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Disney Plus: all important events from Germany-prices, equipment and content




Start, series, movie and price

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Before you can subscribe to Disney Plus or subscribe, you will encounter various problems in the room. After all, you want to know how much it will cost here and subscription costs. So Netzwelt collected the most important questions about starting Disney Plus in Germany and gave you the answer.

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  1. When did Disney Plus start in Germany?
  2. What devices does Disney + work with?
  3. What movies and series were there in the beginning?
  4. What about Fox movies like X-Men, Deadpool, or Kevin Alone?
  5. Disney + Price: Subscription Fee
  6. Is Disney + free to try?
  7. I don't have PayPal or credit card. Can I still pay by direct debit?
  8. Can Disney + be cancelled monthly?
  9. Can I share my Disney Plus account with friends?
  10. What languages ​​are available?
  11. Will the Simpsons still run on Disney + in Germany?
  12. Will Marvel movies show on Disney +?

In Germany, Disney + has also generated great interest, but many Disney fans are not sure if they can and do want to use a streaming service. On this page, we answer the most important questions about the establishment of Disney + in Germany. Disney + 's test gives you a good overview.

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When did Disney Plus start in Germany?

Disney + app will appear in March 24, 2020, So suitable for the start of Disney +. The application can be downloaded and installed as an APK file from the Internet, but you don't have anything. Other than reminding you that there is no Disney + in the country (yet), nothing is still visible in the app. Pre-orders for Disney + are also not available through the app.

Disney +: German apps can't do anything until the start.

Disney +: German apps can't do anything until the start. (Source: Screenshot: Netzwelt)

but: If you have already registered Disney + on your computer, you can already use Disney Plus in your browser or through the app. All you need is a good VPN service, such as access to Disney + sites in the United States. Your German login details are accepted here and you can start streaming!

Disney + is currently active in the United States. In Europe, Disney plans to launch nationwide on March 24. However, this is doubtful due to the corona crisis. France has asked Disney to postpone the start, otherwise it will worry about network problems. Start time delayed until April 7

. So far, France seems to be an exception, but that may change in the next few days.

What devices does Disney + work with?

Disney + has released a list of all devices supported in Germany. What we know so far about each platform:

What movies and series were there in the beginning?

You can find a list of all movies, series, documentaries and specials in our overview, which will be available on the opening of Disney + Germany. The offer range is wide, but some names are still missing, such as the series "Pepper Ann", Disney's "Breakthrough" or "Captain Balu and his bold crew". There is still hope that Disney can fill these gaps as soon as possible.

What about Fox movies like X-Men, Deadpool, or Kevin Alone?

In theory, the Fox-Disney deal would allow Disney + to release all Fox movies. For example, "X-Men" movies have been confirmed on Disney + in Germany, but "Logan" will not be shown on Disney Plus. The same is true for Deadpool, as both films have R ratings (both films were released in Germany 16 years later) and are therefore not suitable for young people. However, Disney + prides itself on being able to provide streaming services for the entire family, so viewers' movies for 12 years have no place here. Especially MCU fans must accept some disadvantages here.

Therefore, in the United States, Disney uses the Hulu streaming service and publishes everything that Disney + cannot display. Since Hulu does not yet exist in Germany, copyright for adult Fox movies has been assigned to other providers, such as Sky, Netflix or Amazon. However, even adult Fox content may not immediately make its way to Disney +.

If Fox had sold the movie's copyright to Netflix or another provider before the Disney deal could be foreseen, the copyright would remain with Netflix and Co. until the contract was terminated, so that Disney could take over again. In some cases, only patience can help!

Disney + Price: Subscription Fee

In the United States, a Disney + subscription costs $ 6.99 per month or $ 69.99 per year. In Germany, the subscription price is 6.99 Euros per month (69.99 Euros per year) and is therefore much cheaper than the Netflix subscription price. Disney + has reduced monthly subscription prices by about 8 euros.

U.S. customers can also bundle Disney + with Hulu and ESPN +. Both broadcaster ESPN and Internet platform Hulu belong to the Disney Group. ESPN + is the streaming portal for the sports broadcaster of the same name. Hulu is a media library containing countless series and feature films from major US channels NBC, FOX, ABC, and Co. The bundle price is $ 12.99. It is also unlikely that this bundle will be available in Germany.

At this price, Disney Plus customers will also get 4K content including HDR support, thereby ensuring rich colors for colorful Disney classic movies. And on four devices at the same time.

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However, there are other Disney + offers in Germany: Telekom customers have already announced the corresponding packages, where you can use Disney + for free for the first six months. Sky hasn't announced any news yet, but there will be a Disney + app on the Sky Q receiver. It is hoped that similar to the Sky Netflix bundle, there will also be a Sky Disney bundle.

Is Disney + free to try?

Yes, if you choose a monthly subscription, you can try Disney + for 7 days for free and then pay 6.99 Euros per month. Of course, you can cancel within these 7 days and then you do not need to pay any fees. Those who choose a cheap annual subscription don't have to go through the testing phase.

I don't have PayPal or credit card. Can I still pay by direct debit?

Disney + currently only offers payment by credit card and PayPal. It will stay that way until March 24, so if you want to ensure a reduced annual subscription, you must have a PayPal account. Later, payments can also be made via Krana. It is conceivable to make a direct payment through direct debit in the future, but it has not been confirmed.

Can Disney + be cancelled monthly?

Currently, you can only withdraw Disney + annual subscriptions, which can be cancelled annually. In the early days of Disney +, you can also cancel your monthly subscription. There is no cancellation period, so you can also cancel online the day before your subscription extension.

Can I share my Disney Plus account with friends?

Disney can create a total of 7 profiles while allowing 4 streams at the same time. Disney officially allows you to share your account with your family, but Disney actually wants as many users as possible to create its own account. However, so far you can easily share your account with friends or family.

What languages ​​are available?

The soundtrack range is different for each movie and series, but German and original soundtracks will always be available. In many cases, you can also choose another language.

Will the Simpsons still run on Disney + in Germany?

Yes, the Simpsons can also be seen in Germany. Initially, the "The Simpsons" disappeared in the first announcements about the establishment of Germany, and since then the fans of the Simpsons have become nervous. After all, the "The Simpsons" have been running on ProSieben for decades, so it is conceivable that broadcasters have exclusive rights to the series and do not want to give it up.

However, on Disney's YouTube channel, a short video of The Simpsons talking about Disney + confirmed that the series will also be shown on Disney's streaming service in Germany. Disney also confirmed that the 30 seasons of the series will be available when Disney + is launched in Germany.

Will Marvel movies show on Disney +?

There are 23 movies in the Marvel Universe, but not all will be shown on Disney +. In this article, we have explained in detail why this is happening and what titles are missing from the beginning.

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