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Doom-Mod turns Isabelle from Animal Crossing into a support character




Isabelle from Animal Crossing gets all the high fives she wants from Doom Slayer!

Isabelle from Animal Crossing gets all the high fives she wants from Doom Slayer!

The Slayer from Doom and Isabelle from Animal Crossing are best friends. At least the internet says that it is. And indeed: the latest two parts, Eternal and New horizons the (subtly) different video game series seem to go hand in hand – and to balance each other out.

Why Isabelle & the Doom Slayer are best friends

After all, Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons appeared in the same week and offer a direct contrast to the other game: The rocket-hard demon bombardment in the first person shooter of the action veteran id software against the relaxed island life, switching off and coming down in the Nintendo title.

The friendship of Doom Slayer and Isabelle not only results in a whole truckload of wonderful and charming memes, now a mod even gives them an unofficial video game crossover.

Mod brings Isabelle to Doom

The modder ItsMeVeronica gives the mod version of Doom »ZDoom« its own creation, which makes Isabelle the actual partner of the Slayer

: Similar to Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite, she supplies her best friend with life and ammunition or rewards Doom Guy with high five after particularly strenuous fights.

Thanks to the mod, Isabelle not only enriches Doom with her presence, but also ensures a somewhat more relaxed atmosphere in the demon carnage: The small, blonde Shih Tzu enthusiastically distributes confetti, but is decent enough to sweep the floor afterwards – which may not be a bad idea thanks to the Slayer's slaughter.

You can find the Isabelle Companion Mod at You can of course also read our review of Doom Eternal while the colleagues from GamePro Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the tooth to have. And then there are the wonderful memes about friendship between Isabelle and Slayer … which are admittedly pretty darn cute ..


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