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Dragon Quest Tact will arrive to the mobiles of the West; registration is already on Android



Dragon Quest Tact will arrive to the mobiles of the West;  registration is already on Android

Dragon Quest Tact get to the phones soon Android and iPhone mobiles from Spain and other Western countries. Square Enix has announced that its game of turn-based tactical battles free to play will leave the Japanese borders on an unspecified date, but it shouldn't take too long because pre-registration is already available on Android via the Google Play Store

. Pre-registration is not available on iOS.

The title was released in Japan in July this year and has already amassed more than 10 million downloads. In Dragon Quest Tact Players will fight in using creatures from the universe of the saga to defeat other monsters. The objective is to collect new monsters, train and make friends with them to help out on the battlefield.

New characters and known monsters

“Long ago, when an evil lord of darkness tried to lead the world of Orchesterra to destruction, a human with a legendary staff rose up with his team of monsters to confront the dark lord,” says the story synopsis. “Through an intense and furious battle, the hero and his monster team succeeded in reaching the dark lord. Peace embraced the world. But … for some reason, the story of these individuals was never told … “.

Players will meet new characters like him Slime King Augoostus, to Rotchester, Cogsgrove automaton, Majellan slime and many others on their journey as they become friends with monsters well known to fans of the series as the stone glem, slimes, green dragons, dracanines, Pandora's box and many others.

Tact has a visual section cell shading is there directed by Yuji Horii, creator of the series, and features the music of Koichi Sugiyama, compositor series regular. Also, the design of the monsters is of Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball.

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