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Elysium disk now works on older computers




We have good news if you couldn't play Disco Elysium on your PC for not meeting the minimum system requirements. ZA / UM has announced on Steam The latest update the game has received includes optimization improvementstherefore, as a result, it now works on older computers. This also affects macOS users.

The new minimum requirements to play in Windows are the following: Windows 7, a integrated graphics card with a minimum of 512 MB of memory and compatible with DirectX 11, 2 GB of RAM, a processor Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent and 20 GB of free space. Also, these Mac models now work: MacBook Pro (from mid 2009 model), MacBook Air (from mid 2012 model), iMac (from late 2009 model), Mac Pro (from model from the end of 2008) and Mac Mini (from the 2009 model).

Not long ago Disco Elysium was also in the news because of a ZA / UM announcement where they said that the DLAN Clan will be in charge of the official translation of the video game into Spanish

. So, it is certainly great news for all those who discarded the game because it was not in our language.

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▪ Release date: 10/15/2019

Antonio Ferrer

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