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EMUI 11: Huawei announces major Android update



EMUI 11: Huawei announces major Android update

No Google services-but more independent

Huawei announced a major update to the new version of EMUI 11. With the new version, the operating system should become more independent. We will tell you the known information of the upcoming release below.

Android 11 is here: these are innovations

Huawei has now announced the next version of its internal user interface EMUI. According to the blog MobiFlip, EMUI 11 is based on Android 11 and should be released in the third quarter of 2020. Since the US trade embargo still restricts trade between Chinese and American companies, the new version may be launched again without Google services. Therefore, EMUI 11 should become more independent.

It is unclear what new features the interface will provide. In recently leaked documents, certain features are marked as “optional”. Therefore, the manufacturer can decide which functions to integrate into the operating system.

Huawei: Android updates for smartphones and tablets at a glance

Android 11 “optional” features

One of the most important innovations in the new OS version is the “smart home” control. Through the “Quick Control” menu, you can call this menu by long pressing the power button, which can control components such as lights or doors. The new “conversation” section of the notification bar is only optional and only displays incoming messages.

Android 11: You can expect these innovations

Android 11 should also be able to save ID documents, such as driver's licenses or ID cards. Whether manufacturers outside of Google implement this feature is a question. Some countries are still waiting for approval of this new feature. Therefore, it is doubtful whether Huawei is implementing this function.

Huawei smartphone EMUI 11

These flagship stores are usually the first smartphones with a new version of the user interface. For Huawei, this is the Huawei Mate 40 Pro. The following is the P series equipment, and the old model equipment used after a period of time. Huawei is expected to release more information about EMUI 11 in early August.

Under the link text, we can find which smartphones we can evaluate which can receive the Android 11 update evaluation.

According to Google’s current schedule, you can still look forward to the second beta version of the latest operating system in July, followed by the third beta version in August. Netzwelt does not expect to release the final Android until the end of August.

Planned to update Android for

Huawei P30 Pro will launch an update to Android 11.

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