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Enjoy the top 10 most popular films with caution



Enjoy the top 10 most popular films with caution

While there is currently a standstill in the cinema, many film fans use streaming offers such as Netflix.

Which films on Netflix are particularly popular with you? You can let us know in the comments, of course, but now the streaming service has shared official figures on its own productions for the first time.

The Netflix films with the greatest user interest

And there is a very clear picture: The Netflix users seem to have enjoyed action films or at least Thor actors Chris Hemsworth: Netflix production is enthroned with a total of 99 million views Extraction by director Sam Hargrave (experienced stuntman from films like Avengers: Endgame and Deadpool 2) in first place.

The mystery thriller follows in second place Bird Box, which appeared in 2018 and triggered a little internet hype. The so-called »Bird Box Challenge« drew its circles on Twitter and Co., which was not entirely harmless. Netflix was even forced to to inform its users about itthat, for example, driving blindfolded should be avoided.

In third place is again an action film with Spenser Confidential, in the Mark Wahlberg (Uncharted) and Winston Duke (Black Panther) play the leading roles. Followed closely by Michael Bay's thunderstorm 6 Underground, in which Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) was the star in front of the camera.

The 10 most popular Netflix in-house productions

Opposite the news portal Bloomberg Netflix announced the following top 10, revealing the ten most popular streaming service films it produced:

  1. Tyler Rake: Extraction (99 million views)
  2. Bird Box (89 million views)
  3. Spenser Confidential (85 million views)
  4. 6 Underground (83 million views)
  5. Murder Mystery (73 million views)
  6. The Irishman (64 million views)
  7. Triple Frontier (63 million views)
  8. The Wrong Missy (59 million views)
  9. The shaft (56 million views)
  10. The Perfect Date (48 million views)
New on Netflix in July 2020: list of all new films & series of the month

New on Netflix in July 2020: list of all new films & series of the month

Why the numbers should be treated with caution

In the past, Netflix didn't like to look at the cards. The streaming service rarely shared the number of hits for its own films and TV series, which is why the announcement of these top ten is quite interesting and relevant. However, please note:

The numbers were shared by Netflix itself, so verifying them is difficult and difficult to do.

In addition, a film is already rated as viewed on Netflix, when users just take a look: For example, if you only watch 6 undergrounds for two minutes and then discover that Michael Bay has done little since Transformers, the number of hits has already increased.

Last but not least, for this list the first four weeks after publication of the film. Even if this improves comparability, productions fall off the table that had a difficult start, but which gradually developed into a favorite with the public. This also explains why The Old Guard with Charlize Theron is not to be found here – the film has only been available on Netflix for a week and was therefore not considered.

Accordingly, the ranking is meaningful for which Netflix films are of most interest to users, the concrete numbers can be enjoyed with a healthy dash of skepticism. Let us know in the comments which films you like to watch from Netflix.

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