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Epic Game Store: GTA 5 Rumors Paralyze Website




Expected to launch new free games

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Epic Games Store is closed, the game store website is currently unavailable, and players receive an error message such as "Error 500". The reason is rumors about GTA 5. EpicGames has issued a statement about the error.

Epic Games Store is closed. We will tell you why it is so big.

Epic Games Store is closed. We will tell you why it is so big. [Source: Epic game screenshot]

The Epic Games Store is currently [May 14, 5pm] affected by a massive disruption. The website cannot be accessed and the error message 500 "An unexpected error has occurred" is displayed.

Epic Games has commented on Twitter and explained the issues users are eager to solve. Many visitors to the store are currently trying to download new free GTA 5 games for free.

There should also be a long loading time, and the Epic Games launcher will crash for some users. Epic Games is working hard to resolve the issue and hopes to contact you as soon as possible.

These games are currently available for free download. "class =" lazy "class =" lazy "class =" lazy Watch now

You will simply update the website later, but you do n’t have to worry about downloading it immediately will cause unnecessary stress. New free games will definitely be available again throughout the week.

Affected cities and regions

  • Bremke
  • Aidenbach
  • Berlin
  • Stuttgart

The most common diseases

  • Other issues [0%]
  • Download [10.26%]
  • Unable to use free games [12.82%]
  • Two-factor authentication problem [5.13%]
  • The game cannot start [10.26%]
  • Website is inaccessible [61.54%]
Epic game store "class =" reset lazy

Epic Game Store

Power-off diagram

Fault detector from

We will continuously evaluate the availability of Epic Games Store servers and services and show you any problems or malfunctions. Here, you can find the current failure status of the Epic Games Store, the support address, and the manufacturer ’s message about the problem. There you can also check whether the interference is local or national.

You can always see the current faults and problems in our fault detector. Here, we list the most important internet providers, network providers, online games and streaming services. You can also use our speed test to test your own line for problems.

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