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Epic Store reinforces attack on Steam with achievements & mod support



Epic Store reinforces attack on Steam with achievements & mod support

Original message: Many players continue to be annoyed at the Epic Games Store. Not only because of numerous exclusive deals, but also because it lacks many functions that have been available on Steam for years. The Fortnite makers are now presenting a much-desired innovation for their launcher.

Epic Games Store bekommt Achievements

In a tweet, Epic Games now showed the achievements for the first time – a feature popular with Steam, Origin & Co., because the achievements can increase the replay value of a title.

According to Epic, the feature is currently still in a test phase

: Certain games, whose names are not mentioned, can now notify you as soon as you have completed a challenge. How PCGamer reported, the Ark: Survival Evolved shown in the tweet should be the only title that is currently provided with the new function.

The overlay menu shown in the short clip has not yet been implemented, however, the achievements are currently limited to a short notification on the edge of the screen.

Mods & Co. – These features come next

It is still unclear when exactly the final implementation of the achievements should take place. Epic promises in the tweet that more information will follow in the future. Despite this vague wording, it shouldn't take too long: The Roadmap for the Epic Games Store shows that achievements should come “next”.

Other features that are not too far away:

  • Mod support
  • Trending section in the Store
  • Dynamic price adjustment when buying bundles
  • Discover game DLCs

The summer sale will run in the Epic Store until August 6, 2020 – all information and the best offers can be found here. In addition, Tacoma and Next Up Hero are still available for free at 5 p.m .:

Free on Steam, Epic & Co.
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