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Epic uses Nanite technology from Unreal Engine 5 to remember game size




Through Sherif Saed,
Thursday, May 14, 2020, GMT

With the promotion of bringing movie-grade assets into games using Unreal Engine 5, some worrying game sizes are about to expand.

One of the most impressive features launched by Epic Games Unreal Engine 5 It's Nanite, which enables developers to bring incredibly high-quality assets to the game without having to worry about polygonal budgets or LODs.

The footage shows such detailed assets designed for movie CG, they all run in real time in the demonstration, and have no significant impact on performance. But with all the details increasing, people have to wonder whether this also means that the game assets will be huge.

Graham Wihlidal, a senior rendering engineer on the Unreal Engine team, answered this question on Twitter. Although Wihlidal did not specify, he did confirm that Epic understands this concern very well, noting that the technology is designed to create games rather than static demos.

Obviously, this does not answer all of our questions, but at least it is gratifying that Epic has taken it into account when building Nanite. It is also important to remember that not every Unreal Engine 5 game will use this technology.

Epic boss Tim Sweeney is very enthusiastic about the partnership between Unreal Engine 5 and Epic and Sony, praising the SSD speed of PS5, and hopes that these advancements will also promote the development of technology in the PC field.

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