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ESports Life Tycoon trailer releases early access



ESports Life Tycoon trailer releases early access

Trailer eSports Life Tycoon drops early access

After more than a year of early access, the esports team management game is available in full version.

In eSports Life Tycoon, you play as a manager of esports teams whose details you will have to manage. Initially, you can create your own avatar, the crest of your team and choose the first players and equipment for your gaming house.

As you go, you will have to train the players, but also manage their distractions to prepare them before each match. You will be able to sign superstar players to your team the more you will accumulate the victories in the major tournaments. It's up to you to find the best chemistry between the players to create the most effective team possible.

But you will not be alone to take care of your athletes, you can also hire psychologists, coaches, marketing consultants to better manage your structure. Finally, let us note that if the streaming platforms and the games present in the title are pure creations, on the other hand, you will be able to play with officially licensed esports teams: Fnatic, Team Heretics, G2 Esports, Team SoloMid …

eSports Life Tycoon is now available in full version on Steam.

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