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Excavator offers and a BIG free game every week




If the end of time is nearer than ever, the start of monster SALES has only just begun. And it looks like Epic Games launched the hostilities, no later than immediately. Details of the offers.

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After its big Spring Sales, it's again the feast of video games at Epic Games, with these new monstrous offers.

Epic Games therefore announces today the return of "Mga Sale Epic Games " on its online store which has just been planned, following the GTA V offer free this morning

, Store, with four weeks of free game deals on some of the biggest video game titles, but also a € 10 coupon for each purchase (€ 14.99 and more), and big discounts on major titles.

The event begins with an incredible free game offer: for a week (until May 21 at 5 p.m.)

, the game Grand Theft Auto V, can be retrieved free of charge.

Epic tells us that this is "only the beginning" since each week of the Mga Sales, the overpowered Epic safe will be open to reveal a new free game not to be missed.

The main titles on sale include:

But that's obviously not all, otherwise it wouldn't be really funny, would it? Indeed, in addition to the four weeks of discounts on major games, Epic offers each player a € 10 Epic coupon. Use this to buy eligible content of € 14.99 or more on the store (during the promotion period) and you will receive another € 10 coupon.

In short, if you arrive to connect (this night midnight), make a raid.


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