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Excellent value for money for a mechanical



We had the opportunity to have the keyboard from MSI Vigor GK 50 Low Profile in our hands. Behind this name a barbarian hair hides a mechanical keyboard of reasonable size, even picked up to be quite nomadic. However, it does not overlook its manufacturing quality as we will see together.

So we have a low profile mechanical keyboard version, understand by l a "low profile" of the keys which allows not to have an oversized keyboard in thickness. On the packaging, we find the classic white box from the manufacturer who is content to put the essentials necessary in it, namely the keyboard, a key clip and 2 small additional keys.

A collected design

From a design point of view, this GK50 Low Profile offers a very pretty brushed aluminum plate that can be found on the keyboard. Lighter than the majority of mechanical keyboards due to its low profile side, this makes it a very good point. On the scale, 710 grams for a template of 435 x 141 x 34 mm. The whole exudes solidity and the compact aspect reinforces the impression of having in your hands a product of good quality which goes to the essentials. It easily adapts to any desk and has the advantage of being able to easily carry in a backp ack without having the impression of having a dead baby on the back like the MSI GK50 which despite its qualities had the defect to be a bit too heavy.

A very good quality / price ratio

This keyboard GK50 Low Profile is equipped with Kailh Low Profile switches. These switches have an activation distance of 1.5 mm for a total distance of 3.0 mm. The feedback is good and the responsiveness is there in the games that we were able to test on it. This is also obviously the case for simple office automation (the writing of this test is also carried out with this GK). On the other hand if you intend to use it in an office, watch out for your neighbors' ears because despite the low profile cost we are still on a fairly noisy use. As an example, the low pr ofile from Corsair (K70 MK.2) which is certainly not in the same price range is clearly quieter.

It is purely optional but there is a pliers to remove the keys easily (and thus facilitate the cleaning of the keyboard) and two additional keys of rounded shape for "Ctrl left" and "alt right". We take this opportunity to highlight the importance of cleaning a keyboard regularly because it is a real nest bacteria, and more during this period. So clean your keyboard!

Ergonomics and pleasure of use

Very ergonomic due to its compact format, there is only the minimum union in this keyboard and we regret the absence of a multimedia key for the sound in the form of a wheel. Very difficult to do without when you got there once. changed my life and there was still a little space at the top right of the screen.

RGB and mechanical forces, we find the Software Dragon center which allows you to customize the colors of your keyboard, lighting and macros. So you can save different profiles depending on the game, a can be very useful for competition, a little less for the casual player. There are also default color profiles that allow you to add classic rainbow-like effects to your keys.

In game it is clear that the keyboard does very well what is asked and for its price (between 95 and 100 euros) we are pleasantly surprised by the overall quality. Even if you don't necessarily touch the pleasure of experiencing a high-end keyboard with your finger, you have in the hands of the mechanics that does the job and that can satisfy the majority of PC players, even the most demanding.



The MSI Vigor GK 50 Low profile is a good keyboard with an excellent quality / price ratio, for 95 euros it is difficult at the moment to find mechanics on the market with an identical quality. It is certainly not the pleasure of using certain high-end keyboards but we are however on a product of good quality which will accompany you for many years without complaining. If you don't want to burden yourself with a full size then this is a very seriously meditating choice.

  • A certain solidity.
  • Very good quality / price ratio.
  • Excellent feedback.
  • Good general ergonomics.
  • Noisy.
  • No sound wheel.
  • Price : Around 95 euros
  • Weight : 700 g
  • Dimensions : 435 x 141 x 34 mm
  • Sign in : Wired, USB 2.0 (1.8 m)
  • Disposition : QWERTY
  • Switch : Kailh Low Profile
  • Where to buy? : Amazon or Fnac

I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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