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F1 2019: Real Formula 1 drivers compete virtually




While the same is happening in Formula 1 as other sports, namely nothing, some of the drivers are now virtually competing against each other.

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Not much is happening in the sports world at the moment and Formula 1 races are also canceled. But that doesn't prevent the boys from getting behind the wheel and competing against each other – Codemasters makes it possible.

The organizers of Formula 1 have now announced an F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series in which some of the current F1 drivers compete on PC in F1 2019, including worldwide broadcasts. The Spanish La Liga had already started something similar with a FIFA 20 weekend with some of the soccer stars.

Since the art of real drivers at the virtual steering wheel is quite different, attention should be paid to the entertainment factor, since poor drivers do not end up being completely beaten off by small facilities such as reduced vehicle damage or traction control.

The virtual races are to take place on the same days that the real races were planned. Since not every driver of the current season is participating, the driver field should be increased by former drivers, e-sports drivers and some celebrities such as musician Liam Payne or golfer Ian Poulter. On other race-free weekends, fans should have the opportunity to play directly against real drivers.

Further information will be announced on the social media channels of Formula 1 in the next few days and weeks. The Bahrain Virtual Grand Prix, which already took place at the weekend, can be viewed on YouTube:


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