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Fallout 76: Free weekend along with Double XP




Those who have not yet made their way to Fallout 76 will have the opportunity at the weekend to try out the online role-playing game with all the available content.

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Bethesda is holding one Free weekend, while the Fallout 76 is free of charge on all three platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One). The promotion starts today at 6 p.m. and runs until next Monday, May 18.

During this time, both the main game and the current Wastelanders expansion, which was released last month, are freely available. Wastelanders expanded the game with a number of features, including new quests and human NPC companions for the settlements. So it's also worth it for those who have turned their backs on Fallout 76 – they can now see what has changed in the game.

In order to make the whole thing a bit more palatable, there is also a Double XP event, i.e. you will receive double experience points all weekend.

Fallout 76 appeared in 2018 and had to put up with a lot of criticism at the beginning. The Wastelanders DLC now appears to be the prelude to major innovations. More new content is also planned for PvE players, new companions and the content of a return of the Brotherhood of Steel is under discussion.

Fallout 76 – Wastelanders launch trailer

The Wastelanders DLC for Fallout 76 will finally be available with a delay from April 14th.


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