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Fallout 76 will have a seasonal reward system and much more throughout 2020




This morning we told you that Fallout 76 you can enjoy for free throughout the weekend. In case you haven't tried all the new content that came with the Wastelanders update last month. After that, Bethesda continues to have plans for its MMO.

The company just announce your particular road map with what's to come Fallout 76 throughout 2020. The most important new feature is the inclusion of a seasonal rewards system, very similar to the Battle Pass of games like Fortnite, but free.

fallout 76

That is, there will be no more daily or weekly challenges that Atoms grant us. In its place we will have a unified progress in which we will advance as we complete the different boxes with challenges of each season; like it's some kind of board. The further we go, the better the rewards we will receive.

This system will start in summer and it will be free for everyone. However, after the first two weeks, you will be able to pay with real money to advance in the challenges of the board automatically. This is intended for those who start playing at the end of each season and don't have time to complete everything before it ends.

Following the roadmap, another update will be released in the fall that will balance the combat system to facilitate cooperation between players of different levels. Then in winter The Brotherhood of Steel returns for a new story arc, with missions and others. Then Fallout 76 will already be in season three. The plan is to make about four a year, according to Bethesda.


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