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Fascinated by animals traversing the most infamous items-Ironwood Kitchen




Everyone wants it, and only the lucky ones find it.

Endgame Animal Crossing: New Horizons It ’s the home of Kirstie Allsopp ’s heart attack. No, but it's good. To this end, thousands of players have set their sights on an elusive project: Ironwood Kitchen. This is a desirable piece of furniture with a polished sink, wooden counter, dark decoration and storage space for two plates. The appearance is both traditional and modern, simple and refined. For many players, this is absolutely necessary.

The iron-wood kitchen is part of a ten-piece set that includes similar stylish beds, chairs, cabinets, dressers, clocks and tables. Essentially, these are infinite stones that animals cross. But what makes them so popular, especially the iron-wood kitchen? Why is everyone obsessed with Temu? To find out, I asked everyone. Just on their faces.

For supatoedie, it is a member of r / AnimalCrossing subreddit, it is authenticity. "Basically because even if there is a lot of furniture in Animal Crossing, people still tend to create a feeling of home. They want tables, closets, chairs, yes, you have heard of it: the kitchen." The iron-wood kitchen is an important part of realizing the dream of buying a house. In other words, own a somewhat realistic house instead of a house with huge clam shell beds and imitation Godzilla statues.

Kimmy, another low-key member, agreed, adding that desire stems from its versatility: "I think it is because the Ironwood series has a variety of color customizations, and the design itself has been modernized. But it contains more traditional elements, including wood. "Those who want can modify the hue of all items in the ironwood catalog by choosing the lumbar vertebrae they use, whether it is birch, teak, walnut, oak, or old. This increases the chance of matching it with the decoration of your choice.

In addition to its personalized qualities, the player named GudraFree also provided several compelling reasons why the Internet is currently craving home memes: "Lack of similar furniture in the game, modern design is attractive, and Became part of the Ironwood set (one of the few complete sets in the game), meaning that it has matching items and looks great. Moreover, it can be provided to each player by purchasing the recipe in Nook ’s Cranny, So every player knows its existence. "It's there, taunting you, out of reach.

Although you can buy the plan from Nook's children early, don't be fooled by the apparent availability. In fact, making an iron-wood kitchenette is quite another matter. That's because in addition to the required wood and iron load, you also need a cutting board and iron-wood dressing table. These furniture are separate DIY recipes-two in a huge pool-and the only way to get them is luck. They may also provide you with a blueprint of Penrose's steps.

You can search for bottles on the beach, shoot down balloons, shake trees to see what pops up (maybe stumbled upon by wasps during this process), or break into other residents ’houses uninvited and hope they can share with you My own DIY recipes, but there is no consistent way to get them. In other words, if you play alone.

However, if you start a business online, you will find a community ready to provide its services. Crazycatjuly said: "Someone helped me buy a cutting board so I can make a small kitchen. This is a stranger's friendly move, so I am very happy. People are doing well with each other, which is good "" In turn, Crazycatjuly expressed gratitude for this. "When a stranger helps me, I feel very happy, so I just want to make others happy." Babypenguin00 also spread love, and said: "I have given all my friends one!" The iron-wood kitchen gathered people together Together. Nothing is more like a gift for a new house decoration than saying "I like you".

If some people provide it for free, others want to make a profit. MenardiParty said: "Manufacturing requires a lot of resources, so I do charge a certain fee for this, but there is never an unfair price." This is understandable. Just because you are partnering does not mean that you cannot make money. Search for "ironwood kitchenette" on Twitter, and you will even find that players use it as a prize for Geely giveaways: a chance to win, like, forward and tag friends. Some of these games have accumulated more than 4,000 likes. If you want influence, consider investing in virtual kitchen fixtures. This is the topic of the town.

However, there is one final, darker way to get an iron-wood kitchenette: time travel. By manipulating the clock of the Switch, you can improve the chance of encountering the clock through the above methods. This is a divisive approach, but if you have a specific idea, it is difficult to resist. "If you are a soloist, I will see that this is the only viable option for making specific items," Jinmi said. As for GudraFree, "I like to make an ingredient at least once on every recipe that makes a recipe, and this recipe seems to bother me for a while." You may spend time traveling to make the house more liveable, but you can live with yourself Together?

Supatodie said: "I will never take the time to buy furniture, just because I think it is more interesting to obtain furniture in a natural way. It makes you more creative because you have to choose good things from the furniture you get "This is why the iron-wood kitchenette is so coveted. You can use it and its wider range of furniture instead of uncoordinatedly mixing other items to provide a consistent theme for your room. "If I didn't have a sink in my hand then, I might also use it in the kitchen," GudraFree said.

For dozens of players now, how the iron-wood kitchenette made the house a home. Spiritual satisfaction seems to take the form of polished wooden work surfaces. But the journey will not end there. After you paste the item you dream of, you will move to the next one. Next.

After successfully obtaining the kitchen of his dreams, GudraFree is currently "looking for a king-size bed with a modern look, but I'm not even sure if it exists in the game." Meanwhile, Babypenguin00 wants "more food-specific food. For example , The old game has a box of pizza. "Menardi Party said:" My wish list has moon chairs and wall-mounted 50-inch TVs. "The list seems to be endless.

If it is not persevering in pursuing home improvement, animal crossing is nothing. At present, the iron-wood kitchen is a beluga at the crossroads of animals. This is an elusive beast that makes players feel ecstatic and desperate. This is a phenomenon. obsessed. It tied the room together well.

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