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Final Fantasy 14: The website is currently unavailable



Final Fantasy 14: The website is currently unavailable
If you want to log in to Final Fantasy 14 website to check the character details, sometimes you will receive an error message (starting at 10:45 on June 1st). The website is sometimes unavailable in the editorial department. After a few seconds, the page may be loaded. The reason is unclear. Therefore, please be patient while logging in today.

What happened in Final Fantasy 14? Many users report login problems in the Netzwelt fault detector. In fact, the game's website is clearly experiencing problems.

You can keep abreast of problems in our failure report.

Affected cities and regions

  • Berlin
  • London
  • Paris
  • Milán
  • Munich
  • Leipzig

The most common diseases

  • Other issues (0.47%)
  • Login problem (74.23%)
  • Problems in the game (2.13%)
  • Page not loaded (23.17%)

Fault detec tor

We will continue to evaluate the availability of Final Fantasy 14 servers and services and show you any problems or malfunctions. Here, you can find the current failure status of Final Fantasy 14, the support address, and the manufacturer ’s news about the problem. There, you can also see if the outage is a local or national issue.

You can always see the current faults and problems in our fault detector. Here, we have listed for you the most important internet providers, network providers, online games and streaming services. You can also use our speed test to test your own line for problems.

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