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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 developers hope to continue to subvert player expectations

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Co-director Hamaguchi (Naoki Hamaguchi) and producer Yoshinori Kitase (Yoshinori Kitase) were interviewed on CEDEC and talked about their creative methods Final Fantasy VII remake part 2.

The developers of the unnamed Final Fantasy 7 remake sequel were interviewed at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference. They acknowledged the narrative structure of the sequel and hinted that – in the future – there may be more deviations from the original.

Interview (as a Twitter translation user) Aiqimo), Kitase emphasized the importance of subverting player expectations satisfactorily-his goal is to deceive players in a positive way (thanks to Siliconera).

As our own Alex Donaldson pointed out when the game was launched last year, “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” had some major twists and turns in the late game, which had a considerable impact on the rest of the story. Therefore, Donaldson believes that “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2” should be as bold as possible.

Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that Kitase will continue to “satisfactorily” subvert player expectations through the second part of the Remake saga-no matter what it is ultimately called.

While extending the story to another part, Kitase commented on how the development team intends to continue to provide the same level of detail we saw in Midgar to other parts of the Final Fantasy VII world, to the point that “not only is it surprising, but also beyond Up [players’] expect. “

In addition, the team is making the combat system deeper by adding new mechanisms and elements. While discussing the new staff coming to the sequel, Hamaguchi said:

“The word “combat action” came to mind. They experienced a new type of action combat system, and they also wanted to contribute to that system. […] They will definitely put forward different ideas, and hope that they will also bring us new surprises to the combat system! “

If you have not participated in part of the final fantasy 7 remake, please read our spoiler-free review. We also accepted interviews with developers to discuss fan reactions, balance, and hard mode.

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