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Final Fantasy IX now available on Xbox Game Pass console and PC




Final Fantasy IX, the Squaresoft JRPG published in the first PlayStation in the year 2000, is already available in Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and for PC. The title, "one of the most acclaimed Japanese RPGs" according to the Microsoft store, can buy yourself with a 20% discount on both platforms if you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, leaving the price at 16.79. You can download it from this link.

From the same store they warn of a error that affects both the console version and the computer version: "In this version you cannot change the names of the characters. In the name selection screen, you must accept the default name to continue". Therefore, Yitn, Steiner, Vivi, Quina and the rest of the characters must keep their names.

This adaptation, which occupies 4.97 GB on both systems, adds new features to the original game such as the automatic save

, options like the ultrafast mode and the elimination of random battles, characters and film scenes in high definition and compatibility with the system achievements from Xbox Live.

Final Fantasy IX now available on Xbox Game Pass console and PC Image 2

Crafting objects and trance commands define the gameplay of FFIX

"The theater company Tntalus goes to the kingdom of Alexandria with the intention of kidnapping Princess Garnet," says the official synopsis of the game

. "However, and to everyone's surprise, it turns out to be the princess who had already planned to elope. This is how he meets Yitn, one of the members of the company, and sets out on his journey with him and Captain Steiner, his bodyguard."

In the adventure, which will be joined by characters like the black magician Vivi and Quina from the Qu tribe, the players will go learning new skills using objects; They will make items combining them to obtain more powerful objects; will fight using the trance commands that will activate after receiving attacks from enemies; and they will participate in different minigames.

So far in May Xbox Game Pass for Xbox has received DayZ, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Final Fantasy IX, to which we will join Fractured Minds on May 19. On PC, in addition to the JRPG in question, it has been incorporated into the service Halo 2: Anniversary and Endless Legend. Many others, that is, have abandoned the catalog.


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