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Final Fantasy XIV: update 5.3 will be released on August 11



Final Fantasy XIV: update 5.3 will be released on August 11

First scheduled for mid-June, but postponed due to complications linked to the health crisis and the introduction of telework, update 5.3 of Final Fantasy XIV will finally arrive on August 11. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida took the floor to announce this date and take stock.

The schedule for the 59th letter from the live producer is now known: appointment on Wednesday July 22 at 1 p.m. on Youtube or Twitch to discover the second part of the new features in update 5.3 live.

Naoki Yoshida opens the 64th letter from the producer once again apologizing for the delay, which he justifies as follows:

We have done our best to be able to release this update in mid-July, however we have decided take the necessary time to properly test the new 24-player raid in YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, as well as the second chapter of Garde-la-Reine. Most of our developers were able to work exclusively at home, but this was unfortunately impossible for our team of testers who were forced to perform their task on our premises, respecting very strict rules of social distancing designed to preserve everyone's security. The pace of work has logically been affected, and we hope that this will allow you to understand the reason for this delay of two months.

Yoshi-P is confident, however, that the The usual time periods of around three and a half months between major updates may be required in the future.

Our common fight against the coronavirus is unfortunately not finished at the time of writing, but it will at least have allowed us to set up a homework structure on which we can count in the future. It goes without saying that we regret these two lost months that we will probably never be able to catch up with, because if we decided to release future updates prematurely, their content would be reduced and their quality reduced. The simple fact that such a delay should never happen again satisfies us already greatly

, and we hope you will share our feeling. FFXIV is a game built like a television series comprising several seasons, and you can be sure that we will continue to stick to our original vision without compromising on quality, while providing it at a sustained pace.

He takes the opportunity to present a new image (opposite) and give us see you on Wednesday 22 July. Update 5.3 will be presented live in a new letter from the live producer, then through a dedicated site and interviews. Titled “Reflections in Crystal”, it will bring to mind the conclusion of the story of Shadowbringers, the reworking of some quests from the original chapter (A Realm Reborn) to smooth the progression, the second part of the raid in the universe of NieR Automata , a new dungeon, the “Unreal” Challenge mode or even the improvement of the Queen's Guard relic weapons thanks to a new great instance.

Final Fantasy XIV: Trailer of the Shadowbringers expansion

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