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Fitness Boxing manages to sell 100,000 copies in the last month: it exceeds 800,000 units




The sports game Fitness boxing, which arrived in 2018 on the Nintendo Switch console, continues to add sales and those responsible for the title have announced that it has already exceeded 800,000 copies sold. Developed by Imagineer, Nintendo is responsible for its distribution in the European territory.

Game sales at the end of the fiscal year they stood at 700,000 units, which means that it has managed to sell another 100,000 units in the last month.

Imagineer attributes these recent sales to their promotions and efforts to maintain public interest, as well as to the current pandemic situation with the containment measures that have been imposed in multiple countries.

Of course, it is clear that this situation has encouraged sales of physical activity games, and that has had an impact on Ring Fit Adventure. However, since Nintendo's own game requires a peripheral, it is only sold in physical form and has experienced serious supply problems, fueling an abusive second-hand market.

Instead, Fitness boxing does not require additional peripherals. This title is a boxing practice-focused fitness trainer for Nintendo Switch

and has gradually gained fame. In Japan the user community has been telling their stories of weight loss with this game and that has been giving it more relevance in the market progressively.

It seems that this time word of mouth between players has given the title more appeal creating a situation in which the title has been exhausted in physical format in the stores of the Japanese country, while sales in the western markets were also encouraged.


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