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Five AAA marketed by March 31, 2021, already 11 games over 10 million sales




Ubisoft has been a particularly prolific publisher during this generation of consoles. And, good news for the French publisher, his productions have often met with great success. Not surprisingly, he does not intend to stop there.

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Like many other publishers, Ubisoft recently released its latest financial results. Unsurprisingly, the Yves Guillemot firm was not satisfied with talking about turnover, profits, etc.

She also recounted her successes in this generation of machines as well as the games she plans to market in the coming months. Ubisoft has several headlines in its boxes and recalled that five of its upcoming AAAs will go on sale by the end of the current fiscal year, March 31. These titles are:

These five games should not be released in very long, it is a safe bet that the unannounced game will be announced soon. The Ubisoft Forward "conference" next July will certainly be the focus of this announcement.

Ubisoft also took the opportunity to recall its status as a major publisher, indicating that during the current generation of consoles, eleven of its games have sold more than ten million copies worldwide. For the curious, the games concerned are as follows:

Note that this list does not mean that the other games marketed by the publisher in recent years have sold poorly. If titles like Starlink: Battle for Atlas did not reach the objectives of Ubisoft, others, like Mario + The Rabbits Crtins Kingdom Battle sold several million copies but did not reach the cap of ten millions allowing them to appear in the above list. Now remains to discover the identity of the fifth AAA game to be released soon.

What is the fifth AAA game from Ubisoft to be released before the end of the fiscal year? What did you think of the production of the French publisher during this generation? Tell us everything in the comments below.


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