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Flight Simulator shows its 38 years of history in a single image




We assume that Microsoft will be proud of the new installment of its well-known flight simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that promises to show really spectacular graphics, because the more captures of the game they show, the better it seems that the result will be. Today, a fan of this game offers us a visual of the impressive graphic change who has experienced this franchise in its 38 years of life.

Below you can see the image it shares StuartGT on Reddit

with screenshots of Microsoft Flight Simulator versions of 1982, 1988, 1997, 2006 and 2020. If the qualitative jump between the 1982 version and the 2006 version is quite significant (24 years), the visual qualitative leap that can be seen between the delivery of 2006 and 2020 (14 years).

38 years of Flight desde gaming

It is evident that Microsoft has been applied more than ever for this installment and he wanted to give his flight simulator an extremely realistic look, which is sure to bring good news to the company in the form of good game sales. Now tell us, what did you think of you change over 38 years?

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