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For electric bikes and bicycles: how to make a stealth bike




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Maybe you will soon see electric bikes or bicycles with "invisible" bikes on the street. You can find the spokeless trick in this YouTube video. Maybe you are excited about DIY projects during the corona crisis?

No spokes? How should that work?

No spokes? How should that work? (Source: YouTube screenshot / The Q)

It's time to stay home due to the corona crisis, and a variety of handicraft items are booming. When we searched online for suggestions, we remembered this item on the YouTube channel "The Q". Because it looks great. True, if you want an electric bike or bicycle to have this look, you must have some manual skills. But the results are worth it-at least visually.

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The spokes fly out!

Invisible wheels, how is that possible? Of course, a speechless bike will lack all the stability, so you can't ride a meter with it.

However, if you remove all the spokes and then cut the Plexiglas panel to fit completely, leave a hole in the through-shaft, and then put all the parts back in place, yes, and then make the shoe. In the video you will learn how to do it. By the way: In the Corona Crisis, many companies have shown solidarity and are offering apps, games, language learning apps for free. You can find the latest offers of this type in the article above.

Xiaomi showed off an affordable electric bike using the Himo C16. "Class =" reset lazy "style =" filter: grayscale (1); Xiaomi showed off an affordable electric bike using the Himo C16.

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