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Fortnite accumulates more than 1 billion dollars only on mobiles




Epic Games' success with Fortnite seems to be unstoppable. The middle Sensor Tower, reports the mobile version of the game has accumulated 1 billion dollars thanks to its microtransactions over the two years that it has been available on iOS and Android devices. The achievement has been reached after its launch on Google Play last April and Travis Scott's successful in-game concert a few weeks ago. With these events, Fortnite recorded $ 44.3 million during April, 90% more than March and its best data since February 2019. The confinement by COVID-19 would also have contributed to these records.

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<figcaption id=The income of Fortnite for mobiles, unstoppable despite the passing of the months

Most of Fornite's revenue on mobile devices comes from United States, where a total of $ 632.2 million, approximately 63% of total spending. United Kingdom it ranks second with 38.2 million and Switzerland the third with 36.6 million.

Among the total Fortnite installations on mobile devices, the game has been downloaded 125 million times from the Apple Store, while from Google Play 4.2 million times, being a much lower but understandable figure given its late arrival on the platform. The median download revenue is estimated to be $ 7.70. As expected, in the United States alone the game has been downloaded 51 million times, while in Reunido more than 8 million times. France ranks third with 5.7 million downloads.

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<figcaption id=Fortnite landed on the Google Play Store in April 2020

The arrival of Fortnite to the Google Play Store last April will ensure that the game reaches numerous devices in the coming months. The constant news of the game, The arrival of new seasons and temporary events also ensure more years of success, because far from throwing in the towel, Epic Games has already announced the launch of Fortnite on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as soon as the new generation of consoles arrives. In addition, free-to-play will change its graphics engine to the promising Unreal Engine 5 throughout the year 2021.

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