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Fortnite to air Christopher Nolan movie this summer




Fortnite will air a Christopher Nolan movie this summer. If yesterday we saw the trailer for his new work, the impressive Tenet, through the Epic Games game, today we tell you that the agreement between the filmmaker and the Epic Games game has more crossovers. If Nolan was once contrary to platforms like Netflix, now he has to see how his work will be offered through a game. It would be curious to know your sincere opinion.

In any case, as they count in Dualshockers, Geoff Keighley, promoter of this agreement, has confirmed that one of Nolan's movies will air through Fortnite

throughout this summer. The thing is that nothing else, but there are good movies to choose from. We have the three films in the Batman saga, Inception (Origin), Interstellar, Dunkirk, The Prestige (The Final Trick), Memento and Insomnia.

The movie with the most ballots to be chosen seems to be Inception

, since this 2020 marks 10 years since its launch. The film starring Leonardo DiCaprio delved into dreams and the human subconscious in a display of special effects and complex situations rarely seen in the world of cinema.

Stay tuned for when the movie will be announced and when it will air on Fortnite. it will certainly be interesting to witness that moment.

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